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Interview – Joe Breeze

Our interview with Joe Breeze, considered by many to be one of the the fathers of MTB. For over 50 years Joe Breeze has shared his passion for bicycling. Born in California in 1953 at perhaps the nadir of cycling in the US, Breeze was logging 100-mile rides by the […]

Interview – Jez Avery 2

Our interview with Jez Avery, mountain bike stunt legend and all-round showman, one of the originators of freestyle mountain biking and renowned UK stunt show performer. OSTMB: Would you like to write a short introduction, telling us who you are and what you do? Jez Avery: Hello Everyone. I’m Jez […]

Interview – Dave Hemming

Our interview with Dave Hemming, British cyclist and the first British rider ever to win a UCI mountain bike championship downhill medal back in 1990 in Dorango Colorado. That was the first Inaugurated Mountain Bike World Championships. He was a 17 year old kid picking up a silver medal in […]

Sprung MTB videos

For those that have never heard of the Sprung MTB videos they were a series of videos that started back in 1998, before the days of web edits. Many of us couldn’t wait for the next video to come out to find out what was going on in the wider […]

The Jason McRoy Story

We all have our cycling heroes and Jason McRoy was one of mine. Back when I started riding there was no internet, no video on demand and no easy way to catch up on the latest in off road cycling news. We were lucky, we had MBUK, the cycling magazine […]

Hans “No Way” Rey – Interview

When the godfather of MTB trials and freeride Hans Rey agreed to share some of his valuable time with us for an interview for us we jumped at the chance. One of our best interviews to date and a genuinely nice bloke to chat with. Hans Rey was born in […]

Dave Mirra BMX legend dies at 41

Dave Mirra, one of the legends of BMX and one of the first pro riders died yesterday aged 41. He was an Icon of the X Games, winning 24 medals between 1995 and 2008. In recent years he had been driving Rallycross for Prodrive and competing in Ironman and Triathalon […]

Joe Murray – Interview

More than just a name on Kona and Voodoo top tubes, Joe Murray was a racer as well as a designer and was one of the very first inductees into the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame. Joe grew up in Marin County, considered one of the birthplaces of mountain biking. […]

Rob Warner rides again!

Rob Warner rides again, the mouthpiece of modern downhill racing and a previous World Cup winner himself, swings a leg back over a downhill bike after nearly a decade off the racetrack. Of course, every moment of this film is pure comedy.  This video does contain swearing, after all it […]

Charlie Cunningham

Charlie Cunningham is one of the early MTB pioneers, he started riding off road on modified 10 speed road bikes, preferring the nimbleness and gear selection abilities over the balloon tyred bikes that were popular at the time. When the first wide 26″ rims came out he he designed and […]

Steve Abraham – Update 2

Despite suffering from leg pain Steve has still managed to average 190 miles a day over the last few days and passed the 50,000 mile marker on Friday. If you re not following Steve on Strava cycling network it’s worth doing so. He now makes a brief comment on each […]

Steve Abraham – Update

An update on Steve Abraham’s one year time trial record attempt. At approximately 8.10am on the 29th March Steve was involved in an accident. He was hit from behind by a suspected drunk motorcyclist. He did attempt to carry on, but was forced to stop after a further 30 miles. […]

Tommy Godwin – British Hero

Whilst this site is primarily focused on mountain bikes we do admire road riders, and none as much as we admire Tommy Godwin, holder of the one year time trial record. The man Thomas “Tommy” Edward Godwin was born in Fenton, Stoke-on-Trent on the 5th June 1912. His childhood was […]