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Post by Admin » Sat Jan 30, 2016 10:57 pm

We have recently been in contact with the Marin Museum of Bicycling, the people behind the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame. One of the things they are interested in is cycling related photographs. By posting photos in this section you agree to allow http://mmbhof.org to use these for exhibitions and promotional material. A short description of the photo would help.

The museum was founded by mountain bike pioneers--Joe Breeze, Marc Vendetti and Otis Guy. They founded it because they care about all aspects of cycling. In fact, Joe, Marc and Otis got into fat-tire biking in the 1970s while they were road racers searching for 19th century bikes. They felt that if they could somehow display 19th century bikes, show that amazing workmanship and tell that amazing story of technology to people in the US (which at the time had almost no adult cycling culture), they could grow the culture of cycling here. That was over 40 years ago so the museum is the realization of a long-term dream. It's a really cool place with lots of great bikes in it. People love it! The overarching goal is to convey cycling's potential, with displays and images that convey many aspects of cycling's history and show the many ways people use cycling in today's world--for fun, for transportation, for work, in competition, for fitness, all of it. And of course, to display the bikes and components and related artifacts that people have been creating through all the years for all of these many forms of cycling.

One of our goals is to build up a collection of images of cycling all over the world. We can always use good photos (and videos) of cycling and of bikes. We are building an collection that we can draw from as we develop displays at the museum, for use on screens/slideshows or printed, for social media postings etc. Those can be shots of road or off-road riding in cool places; people cycling for transportation; people transporting their work materials or goods on cargo bikes; city or town scenes with lots of cyclists and with cycling integrated with bus/car/train systems; bike racks at train stations filled to the brim with bikes. Many UK cities have people whose families immigrated from a wide range of countries & cultures; we would like images that convey that cultural variety in any genre of cycling--recreation, utility, transportation, racing. Cycling infrastructure is an interest too. We have long been active in improving our local bike infrastructure, and the UK's Sustrans system has been a great model for the US. So: cycle route signage, bike lane markings etc. Kids riding to school. People of all ages riding to the local market.

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