We are back!

We don't have many rules, but the ones we do have are here.
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We are back!

Post by Admin » Fri Mar 06, 2015 11:08 am

I was never expecting this forum to return, but here we are.

The old forum died a death because of all the in-fighting and bickering, both on the boards and behind the scenes, I'm hoping this time around things will be better.

I feel no ill will to any of the people involved in the first incarnation or any of the other cycling forums online, this forum is not going into competition with anyone, it will just be an extra spot on the internet to discuss old school bikes.

The reason the forum is back now is that I put the domain name on back order when we first ran it and never took it off, so I was suprised when my the money was taken from my account.

Any discussion of the old forum should be kept to this thread please.

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