I wish i still had .......... ?

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I wish i still had .......... ?

Post by shinobi » Mon Mar 09, 2015 3:04 pm

Hi all
So whats the bike you had BITD that you wish you had never sold ?

I will kick off with my Specialized s works fsr
Around 1994 ish i still had my beautiful Specialized m2 , one of the original 500 first made , kitted out with superlight everything it just flew , until an annoying little creak that i could not find turned out to be hairline crack in the seatube :pale:
I blame this on the thin shimmed USE ti post !
Anyway Spesh uk were amazing offering a replacement frame no quibbles , but they said if you fancy the new fsr with carbon judys you could have that !
Well why not i thought :D built it up with what i had , out on the south downs for the first ride and hated it !! " what have done " :shock:
It felt slow and heavy , it bobbed all the place , i just hated it .Not one to give up easy i stuck at it over time i changed bits got the set up right and learned how to ride it and totally fell in love with it , i could climb stuff on it that i could never make on the m2 plus my back thanked me for it !
After a few years and few more bikes in the stable i decided that i really needed a De Kerf , i found a used frame in that stunning green metallic and a deal was done , p/ex my fsr frame set and that was that .
Built the De Kerf with the what i had , which was pretty good stuff m950 etc and out on the maiden voyage , history repeated itself , i hated it :oops:
well maybe thats a bit strong but i just could not get comfortable on it , no amount of bar n stem or seatpost changing helped . I had to sell it but could never find an another fsr that was a patch on my old one . I replaced it with a Heckler in the end which was a great bike but never the same .
So thats mine how about yours ?

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Re: I wish i still had .......... ?

Post by Steve » Mon Mar 09, 2015 3:04 pm

I'm a bit of a hoarder, so don't sell much.

I only ever got rid of the bikes I didn't like, I've tried all sorts of full sussers, including a Rocky Mountain and Spesh, but never got on with them. I'm sure I'll buy more, find out I hate them and then flog them on.

The two best riding frames I've ever had have been the Explosif and the Endorphin, both of which I still have and don't think I'll be selling.

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Re: I wish i still had .......... ?

Post by Tea » Mon Mar 09, 2015 3:05 pm

Carrera Vortice, polished alloy frame fade into purple.
My first alloy frame and the first one I used for racing.
It snapped twice and got replaced, but I loved it....

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